Audio Installation

rely on skilled engineers for precise results


Adtech Systems’ qualified audio engineers are certified in the latest acoustical modeling and auralization tools to ensure precise design. We specialize in acoustically challenging spaces. Audio engineers tune each system after installation to ensure optimal clarity and fidelity. Our team has designed and installed professional audio solutions in large NBA and NHL arenas, performing arts and convention centers, auditoriums for schools and universities, houses of worship, corporate conference centers, and distance learning and training centers.

Design Tools

Adtech Systems’ sound engineers use state-of-the-art technology to optimize system design. Clients experience their new system in a virtualized environment before installation.

Speech Intelligibility

Acoustically challenging spaces are our specialty. Our engineers will refine the clarity of sound in even the most demanding spaces.

Technical Support

Our technical support team includes help desk and on-site engineers should assistance be necessary. Technical support agreements are available which include preventative maintenance to ensure peak system performance.

Sound System Commissioning

A successful installation includes the critical step of tuning or “commissioning” the system. Our sound engineers use real-time analysis and a variety of technologies to perfect each system.


Our in-house team will design and complete the installation plus perform comprehensive testing to optimize sound quality

Ease of Use

Adtech Systems’ engineers design customized, intuitive controls for each client.

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Contact us to experience the difference that professional sound engineers will bring to your project. The Adtech Systems team has the skill and the proficiency to maximize your investment and exceed expectations.