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Need service now?

The biggest reason behind Adtech Systems success is our high level support of our customers and their A/V Systems.

Adtech Systems is an authorized repair center for most major manufacturers and does both warranty and non-warranty repair as well as on-site and off-site service. If you are in need of an RMA, or would like to have a projector or flat panel repaired off-site, please either fill out our in-house service request form here or call us at (800) 359-0077 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon-Fri.

If you are in need of onsite service, fill out our field service request form here or contact the Service Coordinator at (978) 261-1148 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon-Fri.

Accelerated Response Service Plan (ARSP)

At Adtech Systems we know that your success in using AV technology is the most important service we offer. For that reason, we offer a multi-level service and support system designed to get your system up and running as quickly as possible, whether the problem is hardware, software or simple user error. Our ARSP is completely customizable to your needs, but generally all will include the following:

  • Help desk phone support: Our most basic service option, but the option most used by Adtech Systems customers. Our help desk technicians are available to you by phone, video chat or email during business hours, for fielding questions on system operation, troubleshooting of system malfunctions, or help connecting your video, audio or conferencing system. In most cases, we should be able to resolve your issue immediately.

    However, should it be determined that a situation does require an on-site technician visit, you may select the technician to be scheduled onsite using our Express Service within 24 hours of initial contact (versus next available time without the ARSP), or Emergency Service within 4 business hours of initial contact of after business hours and weekends.

    Onsite Express Service with ARSP is within 24 business hours of initial contact: $250 for up to 2 hours.

    Onsite Emergency Service with ARSP is within 4 business hours of initial contact: $350 for up to 2 hours.

  • Remote service: If your system is capable and firewalls can be set up for access, our technicians will connect remotely to your rooms’ control system and, most often, either solve the problem or walk your people through a solution to get you back up and running in the shortest period of time. Your service plan will include 1 remote service call. Any additional calls can be purchased at a rate of $125 per hour.

  • On-site standard visits: At least 1 standard visit can be included in this plan. If you have chosen to include this option in your customized plan, there will be no charge for Adtech technicians’ time, or travel expenses, for these visits. Once onsite visits have exceeded your allotment, normal discounted ARSP rates will apply.

  • Standard and emergency onsite services: We recognize that what our customers really want in a service plan is access and guaranteed response, but they don’t like paying for great service they may never actually end up needing. As an ADTECH Priority Plan customer, you have guaranteed access to on site emergency services, but you won’t have to overpay to get them.

    Onsite Express Service with ARSP is within 24 business hours of initial contact: $250 for us to 2 hours.

    Onsite Emergency Service with ARSP is within 4 business hours of initial contact: $350 for up to 2 hours.

  • Warranty and non-warranty repairs: All coordination of equipment repairs will be covered under this contract – in or out of warranty. Coordination will include assessment of the problem via phone, contact with the product manufacturers, setting up of return merchandise authorizations, follow up with manufacturers on repair returns, and scheduling of onsite technicians from Adtech Systems as well as manufacturers contracted service centers. Standard insured ground or expedited shipping fees for items going back to the manufacturer will be billable and are not included in this contract. The customer will be charged outside the service contract parts and labor for repair of any equipment that is beyond the manufacturers’ warranty period. No item shall be repaired without Adtech Systems providing the customer with a written estimate; also, no item shall be repaired without prior written approval and official purchase authorization from our customer. Should a customer receive an estimate and decide not to have an out-of-warranty item repaired, an $80.00 bench evaluation fee will be charged to cover the costs of diagnostics unless the customer purchases a replacement item from Adtech Systems.

  • Projector/Display loaner swap: Adtech Systems guarantees to provide loaner projectors or displays as requested, throughout the contract period, should any projector or display covered under this contract ever need to be removed for repair. The loaner projector or display shall have specifications similar to that being repaired and will be installed by an Adtech Systems technician. The defective unit shall be removed and returned and installed following repair. Costs for this loaner equipment are dependent on the type of projector or display, but are guaranteed to be lower than current local rental rates. Normal onsite service charges will apply for pickup of defective items, freight out to any manufacturer or service center and return and reinstallation of repaired equipment. Out-of-warranty projectors or displays are covered under this program, but no out-of- warranty projector or display shall be repaired without prior written authorization. Once a written estimate is given for an out-of–warranty repair, the customer shall have 48 hours to decide if they wish Adtech Systems to make repairs. After 48 hours, a $200.00 a day additional rental fee shall be accessed per day until a decision on the out-of-warranty repair is made. *Loaner projectors or displays that are replacing projectors controlled by Crestron, AMX, or any other control system may not function in the system the same way as the original. On/off and source selection might have to be accomplished via a separate projector remote until original projector is repaired and reinstalled. Customer can request the system to be temporarily reprogrammed if we have access to the original program with allocated hourly costs to reprogram and program back upon return at the programming rate of $125.00 per hour.

  • Lamps: Projector lamps can be replaced, utilizing our replacement lamp service visit at a rate of $125 and will include our technician replacing such lamp within 24 hours of initial contact so long as such lamp is in stock. If not in stock, lamp can be ordered with official authorization or credit card at the quoted price and expedited as needed.

  • Firmware upgrades: Most AV systems today include devices that require periodic firmware updates to keep functioning at their peak. Included in your plan are any firmware upgrades to your equipment which will be downloaded as they become available if you are remote access capable, or will be downloaded onsite during each yearly project manager visit. Your service team at Adtech Systems will handle everything.

  • Scheduled customer training: We understand that user training is crucial to the smooth operation of your audio-visual system. Training of the customer’s staff including any new employees for the life of the contract can be scheduled and charged according to discounted priority service costs. Adtech Systems requires a minimum two week notice to schedule training and we request that all necessary staff be present for any scheduled session.

  • Extended warranty coverage: All Adtech Systems accelerated response service contract customers have the option of purchasing extended warranty coverage on all system components to a total of 5 years from date of initial invoice, as long as you continue on the accelerated response program. Contact your service coordinator for a very reasonable quote.