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We are passionate about every aspect of the audiovisual world. In an ever changing industry, we take pride in keeping with up with recurring technological advances. We stay cutting edge in each category below because we recognize the importance of self-improvement and staying humble to our origins. From advanced audio systems to interactive technology, we guarantee the best customer service experience and the best solution for your needs.

Video Collaboration

Gone are the days when you had to travel across the city, state, country, or the world to collaborate with co-workers or meet with a client. Collaboration through video conferencing is vital in a fast-paced world where real-time collaboration can greatly improve efficiency, saving you time and money.

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Adtech Systems’ qualified audio engineers are certified in the latest acoustical modeling and auralization tools to ensure precise design. Our team has designed and installed professional audio solutions in large NBA and NHL arenas, performing arts and convention centers, auditoriums for schools and universities, houses of worship, corporate conference centers, and distance learning and training centers.

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Control Systems

The controls behind your AV system are crucial to its operation. A properly designed and programmed control system will streamline AV system operation, combine a large number of related steps into a few simple, intuitive buttons or screens. Simplifying the process is the key to helping your staff be more effective and productive.

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Video Displays

Video displays are the most powerful tool to visually deliver digital content. These large-scale displays are the focus of attention in many different environments. Adtech Systems’ team of experts will design a system that seamlessly integrates computer and video sources to your display. We will work with you to develop a suitable solution for your needs.

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Digital Signage

Adtech Systems develops a clear understanding of the client’s objectives through a comprehensive needs analysis prior to system design. We then provide the equipment and software you need to create your content and engage your consumers. Take charge of your communication and lower the cost of reaching a larger audience with a streaming digital media solution from Adtech Systems.

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Interactive Technology

More schools and universities engage their students using interactive whiteboards, on-screen annotation and various types of collaborative software and systems. Outcomes improve measurably as instructors capture more of their students’ attention and imagination.

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Digital Content Delivery

In a world now dominated by smartphones and tablets, it is not always possible to utilize this technology. Enable users to share content from any device from a monitor, laptop, or video conference session quick and easy with our wide range of scalable solutions. With solutions for Enterprise and Education, Adtech can ensure that everyone has the ability to contribute to your collaborative space.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing systems, in its highest complexity, provide our customers with the ability to send high-quality video and audio to multiple locations and devices. As a full audio-visuals integrator, you can trust our experience to customize and engineer the perfect video conferencing solution that’s scalable to your organization’s needs.

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