Program Management for your AV and Collaboration Environment

Whether you're moving offices or need to design and install multiple conference rooms, Adtech will oversee the entire AV program management process for your environments.

  • Manage Each Step of the Process
  • Ensure Smooth Transition to Your New Space
  • Take Advantage of New Spaces with the Equipment You Need
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The AV Program Management Process


Adtech will begin the process by assessing your current systems and workspace to develop a customized solution.


Following the assessment phase, we'll design the best solution to ensure an easy setup.


Adtech will then implement your solution and show you how to use your new system.


Lastly, we'll help you manage your AV solutions throughout the entire implementation process.

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“It took a great deal of brainstorming to determine what we’d like to be able to do. What don’t we know? What aren’t we asking? Because you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s why you rely on Adtech.”

Henry Chace, Burns & Levinson’s CIO
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Our Benefits

Reduce Costs

  • Oversee the entire implementation process, so you don’t have to waste internal resources.
  • Focus on what matters to your company while we take care of all your AV needs.

Gain Industry Expertise

  • Rely on our industry experts to set you up with the proper systems for your company.
  • Equip your environment with our recommendations of AV solutions that are capable of handling all audiovisual needs.

Maintain Efficient Timelines

  • Depend on our expert managers to keep your timelines on track, so you can gain access to your new equipment quickly.
  • Accomplish your project goals quicker to increase client value.

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isolated av solutions have evolved into

The Collaboration Ecosystem

Every company has a collaboration ecosystem. Some are managed and support teamwork while others are fragmented and cause frustration. No matter where your company is, we can help take it to the next level.

Easily Connect with Others Around the World

Ensure the conferencing platforms your company uses work in all the places that your teams meet.

  • Join Meetings from Any Device from Anywhere in the World
  • Launch Meetings with the Power of One Touch
  • Connect Wirelessly with Different Devices to Streamline Workflows
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Maximize the Potential of Your Space

Whether you use huddle rooms, conference rooms, or just need a piece of digital signage, your space should reflect the goals of your company.

  • Share and Present Information to Your Team with Ease
  • Update Communications Quickly Throughout Your Workspace
  • Standardize Delivery and Maintenance of Your Customized Spaces.
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Manage the Increasing Complexity of Your Environment

With Adtech, you will gain the necessary analytics and monitoring solutions that deliver detailed visibility and management into how your company collaborates, marrying space and platform insights together.

  • Automate, Customize, and Contextualize reports
  • Execute Usage and Performance Analyses
  • Optimize Operational Planning to Make Data Driven Decisions
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Assess and Manage Your Workspace

Rely on our expertise to assess your current situation, create an actionable plan to improve your space, and provide the necessary support throughout each step of the process.

  • Assess Your Network Capabilities & Survey Your Users
  • Manage Your Solutions with One of Our Technical Experts
  • Gain the Necessary Support to Benefit the Most from Collaboration Investment.
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