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Space Management Systems Play Critical Role in Hybrid Workplaces

Space management solutions, with tools such as space reservation, are critical components of a return-to-work strategy. As we have all heard by now, employees are strongly indicating a desire to work remotely part of the time. This is leading organizations to plan for a “hybrid office” and learn how to…

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Why Your Visual Collaboration Partners Must Speak IT

Past is Prologue Much has been made about the AV/IT convergence. The audiovisual and information technology realms had been headed for a merger since the turn of the century. The widespread advent of network-enabled devices has accelerated the process. The days of controlling audiovisual devices via serial command are behind…

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Top Five Things AV Analytics Can Tell You About Your Deployment

It is often stated that in enterprises, the upfront implementation cost for technology solutions – including AV (Audio Visual) – is between 35% and 45% of the total cost of ownership (TCO). The challenge is to reduce the remaining costs. This can be accomplished by delivering high-performance fault resolution, through management, monitoring, and advanced analytics. This blog highlights five important things to know about…

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Panel Discussion Recap: Growing the Value of your Digital Signage Investment

Adtech Systems recently hosted a panel that addressed strategies to advance the impact of digital signage throughout organizations. The panel included some of the leading minds in digital signage: Jeff Hastings, CEO at BrightSign, Rich Ventura, VP of B2B at Sony, Bryan Meszaros, CEO at OpenEye Global and Joe Mendonca,…

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AV Staff Augmentation Drives A Better User Experience

AV staff augmentation can help drive a better user experience and lower TCO. There are different paths your company can take when you need to dedicate resources to support your collaboration spaces. One path is to hire your own AV support specialist. Another increasingly popular choice is to outsource an…

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isolated av solutions have evolved into

The Collaboration Ecosystem

Every company has a collaboration ecosystem. Some are managed and support teamwork while others are fragmented and cause frustration. No matter where your company is, we can help take it to the next level.

Easily Connect with Others Around the World

Ensure the conferencing platforms your company uses work in all the places that your teams meet.

  • Join Meetings from Any Device from Anywhere in the World
  • Launch Meetings with the Power of One Touch
  • Connect Wirelessly with Different Devices to Streamline Workflows
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Maximize the Potential of Your Space

Whether you use huddle rooms, conference rooms, or just need a piece of digital signage, your space should reflect the goals of your company.

  • Share and Present Information to Your Team with Ease
  • Update Communications Quickly Throughout Your Workspace
  • Standardize Delivery and Maintenance of Your Customized Spaces.
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Manage the Increasing Complexity of Your Environment

With Adtech, you will gain the necessary analytics and monitoring solutions that deliver detailed visibility and management into how your company collaborates, marrying space and platform insights together.

  • Automate, Customize, and Contextualize reports
  • Execute Usage and Performance Analyses
  • Optimize Operational Planning to Make Data Driven Decisions
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Assess and Manage Your Workspace

Rely on our expertise to assess your current situation, create an actionable plan to improve your space, and provide the necessary support throughout each step of the process.

  • Assess Your Network Capabilities & Survey Your Users
  • Manage Your Solutions with One of Our Technical Experts
  • Gain the Necessary Support to Benefit the Most from Collaboration Investment.
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