AdtechCare bridges the gap between your inhouse IT resources and the expertise required to benefit from the rapid advancements in visual collaboration technologies – to meet your users’ needs, ensure technology operates at peak performance, and to serve the needs of your business.

AdtechCare delivers the specialized expertise you need to achieve each of these objectives at the lowest possible cost of ownership. We take a strategic approach to managed services that employs the thoughtful planning, technology, and operational knowledge required for managing today’s complex visual collaboration environments.

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Specialized Services Team

AdtechCare is more than your typical managed services offering delivered by a service department. With AdtechCare, you get a specialized team that includes business strategists, technology experts, engineers, customer success managers and technical staff – a committed team with the knowledge and experience to ensure that your managed services engagement is built upon:

  • A strategy that aligns with your business needs
  • The right technology standards
  • Scalable deployment processes
  • A robust support/management structure
  • Analytics to measure the impact on your business

Your AdtechCare team works closely with you to continually refine and align your managed services strategy with the changes in your business, technology, desired user functionality, and your resources.

Deep Networking Expertise

AV systems are no longer merely about installing equipment. Today, every modern A/V system must integrate into existing technology infrastructures.

Adtech has the networking expertise and certifications required to support today’s most complex collaboration ecosystems. Your AdtechCare team members are experts in network architecture, cloud infrastructure integration, bandwidth and security considerations, platform interoperability, ITIL framework, and a host of other IT-related requirements. This enables us to deploy and manage collaboration solutions that are optimized to your network environment and in compliance with your security policies.

Proactive Incident Management

Your AdtechCare team takes a proactive approach to incident management – we’re 100% focused on preventing problems rather than reacting to them.

We employ the most advanced management tools to proactively monitor, manage, automate, analyze, and optimize the performance of collaboration technologies used throughout your organization – to identify problems and address questions that may not even be on your radar.

Our goal is to catapult your IT organization from a fire-fighting position to one that has a strategic focus on continual improvement and innovation to empower your business – precisely the value and ROI that you want your IT department to deliver to your company.

Outcomes You Can Count On

AdtechCare will give you the confidence that your collaboration technologies perform at peak efficiency, and are always available to successfully serve the requirements of your users and your business. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Systems that perform as expected and provide maximum business impact.
  • An exceptional user experience, leading to greater adoption and higher ROI.
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership.
  • Reduced burden on your IT organization.
  • Improved uptime, leading to higher user satisfaction with IT services.

A great managed services experience starts with
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