Adtech Systems, LLC

We help make complex technologies work well together, so that you can work well together with others.  We focus on training our technical staff to be the best in the industry so you spend less time worrying about your audiovisual equipment, and more time focused on what you do.

What We Do

Your communications infrastructure matters, and we ensure it works well for you.
Adtech Systems provides audiovisual services – including system design, installation, programming, and support – with a focus on being a committed partner to all parties involved. Today’s communication technologies are proliferating rapidly, and we are committed to making sure you have the right tools, and to ensuring that those tools work well to meet your needs. To make this happen, we focus relentlessly on being partners to everyone in the value chain – from architects and design consultants to IT and Facilities decision makers and end users – so you stay focused on what matters to your organization.

We place training and development at the center of our business so that our team of Engineers, Installation Technicians, Programmers, Project Managers and Service personnel are all able to help you achieve your goals.  Working well with others has always been central to our culture, and we look forward to working well with you.

Professional Installation

Adtech Systems will provide a hands-on approach to your integration. Our staff is well versed in all aspects of the AV integration process -from initial design, to field installation, we are there for you every step of the way.

In House Programming

Unlike most AV integrators, Adtech Systems does not outsource to independent programmers. We like to keep every stage of the project in-house in order to guarantee you a flawless system in a timely, and hassle-free manner.

Prompt Service

Our experienced service team is here to get your system back up and running as soon as possible. With Adtech being authorized by most major brands, we can handle fixes in our shop, or come to you with our trained service technicians.

Audio/Video Solutions

A few examples of the many solutions we provide for you

Video Collaboration

Gone are the days when you had to travel across the city, country, or the world to collaborate with co-workers or meet with clients. Our real time video conferencing greatly improves efficiency, saving you time and money.

Premium Audio

Our qualified audio engineers are trained to ensure optimal clarity and fidelity. From corporate conference rooms, to NBA and NHL arenas, to performing arts centers, we will make sure your message is heard.

Digital Signage

Video displays are the most powerful tool to visually deliver an impactful message. Whether you need a single display for a meeting room or multiple displays for critical operation, we can provide a solution to fit any need.

Featured Product


Work Well Together

SMART Kapp allows you to save and share notes as they unfold using a regular dry-erase marker. It’s a whiteboard, but everything written on it can be saved in a library in its app. You can also follow along in the app as other people write on the board.

Secure Business Ideas

Email session notes as PDFs or JPEGs while protecting sensitive work with encrypted connections.

Better Educate

The Kapp app tracks everything written on the whiteboard, so you can easily save and email lesson notes allowing focus on the discussion rather than furiously taking notes. Students can work on projects and share notes to mobile devices, while faculty  easily share action items from lessons.

Collaborate With All

Anyone. Anywhere. Any phone, tablet or PC. Share your notes as you go with up to 250 people at once.