Digital Content Delivery

the latest in digital streaming and sharing


As analog devices transitioned to digital, the AV industry moved to HDMI as the primary content delivery tool. In a world now dominated by smartphones and tablets, it is not always possible to utilize technology like you should be able to. Enable users to share content from any device to a monitor, laptop, or video conference session quick and easy with our wide range of scalable solutions.

Have the opportunity to connect any device no matter what someone brings for a meeting. Whether it is connecting wirelessly and sharing your screen for all to see, or plugging in the correct cable, you shouldn’t have to lose productivity. With solutions from Enterprise to Education, Adtech can ensure that everyone has the ability to contribute to your collaborative space.

Collaborate Effectively

Technology is the best tool for keeping a group on track and to make sure everyone gets the message. With digital content delivery systems from Adtech, you can be sure that groups stay focused and can work effectively with any devices they use.

Increase Productivity

There is nothing worse than having a presentation and the presenter cannot figure out or is unable to connect their device to effectively deliver their message. We think technology and people should work well together. Have a product that does not lose time and money for you and the audience.

Connect with Any Device

We get that not everyone will carry the same type of laptop or cellphone. That is why we provide the technology to work with all devices. Feel free to use the device you are comfortable working with and still be able to share information with the group.

Seamless Interaction

Displaying a device on a larger screen should not be a task that requires a training session for everyone. Likewise, switching devices should be easy. At Adtech, our systems are designed to be intuitive and easy. No more guessing which button to press and being disappointed with your new technology.

Digital Streaming & Sharing

• Stream Video and Other Media Live to a Display

• Display Multiple Users Screen to a Monitor Simultaneously

• Collaborate on Documents in Real Time, with Changes Being Seen on Everyone’s Screen

• Integrate with Existing WiFi or Ethernet Network to Deliver Content via IP-Based Streaming

• Share From Any Device and Wirelessly Present Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and PDF Documents, as Well as Photos

• Save Documents and Meeting Notes to Share with Participants