Digital Signage

articulate the message quickly and effectively. improve communication.


Digital signage requires specialized skills to ensure proper design.  Intuitive design allows anyone in your organization to use the system without consulting a member of the IT staff. The total cost of ownership is reduced when digital signage is easily customized.

Adtech Systems develops a clear understanding of the client’s objectives through a comprehensive needs analysis prior to system design. We then provide the equipment and software you need to create your content and engage your consumers.

Take charge of your communication and lower the cost of reaching a larger audience with a streaming digital media solution from Adtech Systems.

Multiple Feeds

With an Adtech designed system, it is easy to add multiple channels to display anything necessary. From customized graphics, video streaming, vibrant media, or RSS for news and weather, you can display the perfect signage to your customer.

Scalable Signage

Building a network that permits single or multiple buildings to display the same or different content is no easy task. It is vital to choose and A/V integrator like Adtech who knows how to complete such a system with no bugs for a breathe-easy experience.

Customized Solutions

We tailor your whole system to precisely fit your needs. With experience in vast market sectors including commercial, business, healthcare, hospitality, public sector, higher education, and K-12 audiences you can be certain you are getting the best.

Update Communications Quickly

Call us when you need new content designed for your displays, no need to call us to come switch between your available feeds. Our systems are simple enough for anyone to operate and guarantee the right outcome every time.

Adtech Digital Signage

• IP Network Based Solutions Minimize Installation Costs and Increase Flexibility

• Scalable Signage Network Permits Single or Multiple Buildings

• Single or Multi-Screen Video Walls, Large Format Displays, and Kiosks

• Queue Up On-Demand Content and Announcements to Single or Multiple Displays

• Create Custom Templates for Consistent Branding

• Emergency Override to Post Urgent Bulletins

• Display Promotions, Events, and Time-Sensitive Messages