Video Displays

utilize the power of video displays to convey your message


Video displays are the most powerful tool to visually deliver digital content. These large-scale displays are the focus of attention in many different environments. Adtech Systems’ team of experts will design a system that seamlessly integrates computer and video sources to your display. We will work with you to develop a suitable solution for your needs.

Communicate Sufficiently

Humans are visual learners, and a message always comes across better when the audience can see and hear the message that is being conveyed. Having the right video system from Adtech will make sure that your audience always knows and most importantly, remembers what you are saying.

Ultimate Combinations

Whether you need one screen, four, or more, Adtech has solutions to fit all your needs. Adtech can combine projectors, televisions and more all for seamless use. Turn the video on or off, switch sources, and captivate an audience all without hassel.

Bright Screens

Let that bright conference room stay well light and open with natural lighting. LED and OLED televisions are perfect solutions for rooms that can be bright and are hard to see a projector in. Or, enjoy a larger-than-life projector display that is bright enough to make sure everyone from the front to back can see.

Crisp Delivery

A large screen does not mean a blurry image. 4K resolution televisions and projectors have 2160p so that even when enjoying the big screen, you do not have to sacrifice quality. Let you message come across nice and clear.

Video Walls

Vast improvements in technology, like smaller bezels and displays designed for 24/7 use have made video walls much more useful. Specialized video processors allow you to manage and run the different tiles of the display. Customize your video wall to show one large image or separate the screens to show different images.


We made our name in the projector business, it’s what we know best. From conference rooms to classrooms, we provide a manufacturer-neutral solution to your project. No matter the size of the project, Adtech Systems has a solution for your budget.

Video Displays

Whether you need one display for a conference room or a set of displays for mission critical operations, Adtech Systems can provide a scalable solution to meet your needs. Single or multiple LCD and OLED displays will ensure a clear image even in the brightest environment.