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Education • Enterprise • Healthcare • Financial Service • Public Sector • Hospitality • Performance Venues • Houses of Worship

Adtech Systems provides a variety of solutions for your audio-visual and communication needs. We have the expertise to tackle any size and type of job anywhere in the New England area. We have experience in all markets including K-12, higher education, corporate, financial services, public sector, hospitality, performance venues, and houses of worship.


inspire students with the most effective classroom technology

Teachers utilize technology in their classrooms to engage students at most schools and colleges across New England. Adtech Systems has developed a large client base that includes the most prestigious K-12 and higher education institutions in the area.

Our goal is to provide educators with innovative solutions to create a learning environment that fosters creative thinking and development. Interactive and visually based lessons will inspire your students and provide differentiated levels of instruction for all learning styles.

We will provide an A/V solution that teachers can easily operate to minimize classroom downtime. Quick startup and transition between activities will help your teachers keep their students’ attention longer.


save valuable time with responsive A/V systems

With time being so critical in today’s corporate environment, it is important that A/V systems effectively save you time and allow you to get more done. Business’ must find smarter ways to work and collaborate to keep up with competitors and maintain a competitive advantage. Adtech Systems corporate A/V systems can provide your business with the tools to hold more productive meetings and increase communication between partners and clients.


improve patient care with the latest A/V solutions

Adtech Systems designs, develops, and implements the most advanced telehealth, telemedicine solutions, and integrated operating rooms that will improve patient experience and facilitate collaboration anytime and anywhere between doctors and hospitals. Using Adtech Systems healthcare solutions, caregivers can communicate with their patients and peers virtually anywhere in the world at any time. Our solutions lead to improved departmental meetings, medical training courses, peer collaboration, project management, patient care and total oversight.

Financial Services

improve service, monitor markets, accelerate changes

The speed of delivery is everything in the financial world and financial institutions are looking for ways to accelerate their decision-making processes, improve client services, and facilitate large screen displays for real-time market changes. Adtech Systems has provided most of New England’s biggest financial service companies solutions to meet all their communication needs, including audio and video conferencing, streaming digital media, meeting room AV systems, and distance collaboration and information sharing systems.

Public Sector

secure communications for government and public sector clients

Adtech Systems staff has plenty of experience working with government and public sector clients. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Security concerns present a different set of challenges and we will customize your solution to meet your security needs. Adtech Systems is state certified in Massachusetts and Connecticut and has numerous contracts with public sector clients.


inform customers with engaging digital media solutions

The finest hotels, restaurants, sports bars, and convention centers utilize the latest in A/V technologies to attract the attentions of their customers. Transform your space with digital media and video solutions that entertain and inform patrons. Adtech Systems seasoned staff will seamlessly integrate audio-visual solutions into your organization’s day-to-day operations, providing additional levels of communication between you and your clients.

Performance Venues

professional A/V for professional performance

Large venues are more commonly than not, faced with acoustical problems. Some venues are not presently outfitted with the correct materials, while some may be too small or too large for the equipment they currently have. In order to give your audience the best experience possible, these issues can be addressed with the perfect blend of our design experience, sound engineering, and AV expertise. We provide a full solution begin to end.

Houses of Worship

ensure clarity with a customized professional sound system

Houses of worship can be challenging environments when it comes to audio system design. Adtech Systems is proficient in dealing with the specialized issues inherent in delivering a high-quality audio solution. Sound quality is greatly affected by the materials used to construct each building. Our engineers understand how wall, floor, and ceiling materials can interfere with intelligibility due to sound absorption, reverberation, and echo. Since main sanctuaries and meeting spaces in houses of worship are normally used for multiple functions, congregants must be able to hear speaking and singing voices, as well as musical accompaniment, with equal clarity. Adtech Systems understands that a detailed analysis and acoustical modeling are essential to meet the needs of each client.

Adtech Systems’ skilled team of sound system engineers will design an intuitive solution to suit the needs and Budget of each house of worship. Our extensive knowledge and experience mean your project will be completed in an effective and efficient manner, tailored to the way in which space will be utilized.